24 podium places for the ZBG at the poetry competition

In memoriam Petőfi Sándor

The winners of this year's recitation competition conducted by the Burgenland-Hungarian cultural association are fixed. 24 podium places for pupils of the ZBG could be won. This online-competition was judged by a 3-headed jury and has been organized since 2004. 107 pupils between 11-14 and 15-18 years took part in it.

Congratulations to our pupils:

Tibold Ákos (1M) - 3rd Place

Wunderler Matthias (1M) - 1st Place

Pyringer Marcell (1M) - 2nd Place

Seper Julian (1M) - 3rd Place

Szabó János (2M) - 1st Place

Horváth Noel (2M) - 2nd Place

Dajka Hanna (2M) - 3rd Place

Tóth Borbála (3M) - 1st Place

Köfler Korinna (3M) - 2nd Place

Horváth Boglárka (3M) - 3rd Place

Wild Magdalena (3M) - st Place

Wild Leonora (3M) - 2nd Place

Seper Matthias (3M) - 3rd Place

Torma Fruzsina (4M) - 1st Place

Petneházi Bálint (4M) - 2nd Place

Schermann Tristan (4M) - 3rd Place

Ochsenreither Matthias (4M) - 1st Place

Derks Ludmilla (4M) - 2nd Place

Tallian Jonas (4M) - 3rd Place

Tóth Máté László (8M) - 1st Place

Mózes Rebeka (8M) - 2nd Place

Gémesi Emese (6M) - 3rd Place

Halper Fiona (6M) - 1st  Place

Ruborits Ramona (8M) - 3rd Place