Parent Association Activities

  1. Establishment and care of the relationship between the parents, students, and teachers as well as the representation of parents in the School Community Board.
  2. Approximately 4 – 5 board meetings a year.
  3. Yearly general meeting with a cash audit and election (every two years) and also with an invited speaker on certain topics.
  4. Visit conferences of national parent associations.
  5. Organization and cooperation with diverse school events (school festival, Matura graduation).
  6. Snacks (for a donation) at the Parent-Teacher Conferences.
  7. Support from parents for the assertion of your rights entitled to you by the School Law.
  8. Help and support for needy students.
    NEW! Application forms are laid out in the school’s secretary’s office or can now be downloaded on the internet from the school’s homepage.
  9. Accident Insurance for our students.
  10. Bus rides for our school teams (football, handball, basketball, volleyball); bus rides for school events.
  11. Support for the graduating classes.