Financial Support

One of the tasks of the Parent Association is the financial support of needy students.  With that, the Parent Association takes care of a portion of the amount of the participation costs of school events like, for example, project weeks, sport weeks, language weeks, etc.

The application process for financial support takes place by means of a form which is available in the school secretary’s office or can be downloaded below.  This form is to be completed and signed and to be given to the Parent Association through the class’s Head Teacher.

In addition, you can also apply through the State’s School Council for the Ministry of Education’s support.  Should you receive financial support from others as well and if the total amount of support exceeds the costs of the event, the excess amount is to be refunded to the Parent Association.

The application form is available as a PDF-Document.

To be able to use it, you need a PDF-Reader.
Download it free by clicking on the following link:
Adobe Reader