What we offer!

Our school is a Bundesgymnasium, a secondary school especially dedicated to those who wish to continue onto higher education. Our special focus is geared towards the acquisition of ethnic languages. Within the first few years, students acquire all of the necessary principles needed to learn a second language, having lessons based on each student’s individual language ability.

Throughout a student’s time with us, beginning in the first year of study and continuing to graduation, bilingualism is taken even further with the addition of English. We also offer a variety of computer science classes, where students have the option to obtain a European Computer Certification, ECDL. Combining these subjects with traditional core classes, we have comprised a very special curriculum for our students.

As our students mature in their education, they can encompass themselves further around studies that suit today’s modern day demands. The acquisition of even more languages are added to their curriculum with the option of French or Latin (beginning in the 5th year of study), which aids our students throughout their academic and professional careers.

Beginning in the 6th year of study, students are offered their choice of an elective that suits each of their individual interests based upon one of the following foundations:

  • Language (i.e. Italian, Russian, Spanish…)
  • Computer Science (i.e. Internet, Programming, Web design…)