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Karaoke competition

Fun on Shrove Tuesday

Same procedure as every year.

26 hits were performed by brave students who all proved their musical talent.


And the winners are:

Category D:

1st place: Sara

2nd place: Angelina

3rd place: Lina and Mara


Category C:


1st place: Eva Krutzler and Nora Zsifkovits and Sina Radits Mona Schermann

2nd place: Mona Schermann


Category A:

Anna Krutzler, Benita Resetar, Mila Smiljanić, Paula Zsivkovits and Julia Resetarits - all students from the 8th grade who wanted to show their talent a last time before the Matura.


Special tahnks to our janitor Herbert and Maturant Gergö, who set up everything and made this show happen.

Together we are strong!