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Project Korijeni at ZBG

Part 2

On January 19th, 2020 - Part 2 of Project "Korijeni" was initiated.  The sencond video conference with the three partner schools from Vukovar (HR), Tolisa (BIH) and New York was held at school.


The students of Vukovar showed games and dances for kids, Tolisa presented their cooperation with the local monastery and the students from NY sent their regards with nursery rhymes and their performance of the song "You raise me up" in Croatian and English.

Selina Cziszer, Laura Six and Matthias Popović from our school gave an overview of the history of the Tamburizza in the Burgenland and the school's Tamburizza orchestra played some typical songs from the region.



A perfect opportunity to get to know about each other's cultures and traditions.