“Es ist nicht genug zu wissen - man muss auch anwenden. Es ist nicht genug zu wollen - man muss auch tun.”Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Building towers

Creative psychology lessons

Topic "Problem solving skills and creativity" - the students of the 7M had to build a tower within 30 minutes with only restricted tools available. The results were very creative.


Voice, performance, style and sound

22 brave singers and groups took part in the annual Karaoke-contest and got cool prizes as a reward. Prof. Ilyés supported the artist with his technical devices. Student representative Dragan Grabovac was the host of the show. After three intense but entertaining hours the jury made their verdict: Category D: 1. place: Naomi Hirmann (2H) 2. place: Fiona Halper (2M)  3. place: Paula...

Volleyball Boys - Two teams fought their battle

5th and 10 place

15 teams took part in this year's "UNIQA School Championships Boys". In Pool B Derks Jelle, Sándor Dávid, Jukić Adis, Six Marco und Strobl Noah were coached by Prof. Öri and played 5 exhausting battles. In Pool A Preinsperger Tobias, Marlovits Georg, Horváth Ádám, Stanec Andrej und Vrbek Martin reached the 5th palce.

Many awards for reciting Hungarian poems

Hungarian Poem Reciting Contest

28 students of our school took part in the Hungarian Poem Reciting Contest of the Burgenländisch-Ungarischen Kulturverein. Congratulations to all participants and winners: 1. places: Kovács Kyra, Oswald Angelina, Tóth-Németh Zille (1m) Halper Fiona (2m) Nasser Jázmin (3m) Wawra Olivér (4m) Kocsis Emese (6m) Unger Chiara (8m) 2. places: Marx Christina (1m) Bene Nándor, Fragner...

Recital 2019

Casting for Croatian recital contest in class 1H

More than 20 students of the lower grades will take part in this year's Croatian Poem Reciting Contest. Good luck!