“Es ist nicht genug zu wissen - man muss auch anwenden. Es ist nicht genug zu wollen - man muss auch tun.”Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

German lesson ...

... with a different focus

"Talk to each other" - that was the slogan of the German lesson of the 5HM. While standing on a carpet the students had to communicate so that they could turn the carpet upside down without anyone leaving or falling from it. The students enjoyed it a lot and their teamplayer skills were practised.

Skiing trip 2nd+3rd grades

Lackenhof am Ötscher

Spring time but lots of snow - The students enjoy the sunshine while skiing. Check out the pictures!

Project "Korijeni"

Video conference at the ZBGO

On March 3rd some eager students had the possibility to take part in the video conference project Korijeni (roots)  with three other schools from Vukovar, Tolisa and New York....


Exhibition "Treasures of the Burgenland"

The exhibition "Treasures of the Burgenland" deals with the traditional and cultural heritage of the Hungarian minority in the region of Oberwart.

Carnival concert

Let's make music together!

A big surprise was awaiting the students on the 1st floor.  Two school bands performed their rock songs. The audience was fascinated. Thanks to all musicians and teachers who supported them!