“Es ist nicht genug zu wissen - man muss auch anwenden. Es ist nicht genug zu wollen - man muss auch tun.”Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Singing choir in the castle of Schlaining

A musical experience for our students at the "BurgKLANG"-festival

The main focus of this festival was the joy of singing. All participants were encouraged to sing together. After a choir-workshop every choir had the chance to perform on stage. The thrilling performance of our students was rewarded with a big applause. Their appearance on stage was also filmed and can be found on the hompeage of the LJR.

ZBGO - Burgenland champion

Uniqa Handball Schulcup

Every year we take part in the Burgenland Championship in Handball. The boys played 8 teams and won all matches. The National Championship will take place in Salzburg (May 2-4). We keep our fingers crossed! We are also very proud of the girls who took the 3rd place in the Mini-Handballcup.

Fair Trade snacks

4H raises money for good cause

The girls and boys of the 4H learned a lot about Fair Trade in their English and Religion lessons. Because of the World Fair Trade Day on May 12th they decided to offer Fair trade snacks like fruit salad, juices, cookies and brownies. The class could collect €111 which they will give to the charitable project Wetschehaus in Romania.

Sensational final game of our Basketball-Boys

Austrian School Championship in Fürstenfeld

On the first day of the Austrian Championship our school team won 40:35 against the very strong team of Vienna, 48:21 against Salzburg and 36:30 against the hosts, BG Fürstenfeld and therefore became 1st in the preliminary round. In the intermediate round they were defeated by BG Klosterneuburg (18:64) but with the victory (40:33) over GRG Kundmanngasse/Vienna they reached the finals...

Safer Internet

Workshop for all 1st to 3rd grades

Data security and password security, public vs private posts - these are just some of the terms which were explained to the boys and girls of the lower grades in the workshop "Safer Internet". Some settings in WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook were changed immediately since the students understood how easily their data and pictures can be misused. No one can better take care of your data...