“Es ist nicht genug zu wissen - man muss auch anwenden. Es ist nicht genug zu wollen - man muss auch tun.”Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

66th Speaking Contest German

Our participant Laura Vrbanic

Laura Vrbanic, who is the elected represetative of pupils in the Burgenland, took successfully part in the 66th Burgenland Speaking Contest in Oberschützen on April 19.  In her speech with the title "Vom Schüler zum Bundeskanzler" she stressed the necessity of political education at schools . Congratulations!

Project: Book Club

1.H and 4.M decorate Bookshop Pokorny

This schoolyear the Ministry of Education invited schools to design Reading-shop windows. The students of the 1.H and the 4.M and their German teachers decided to display the content of Gudrun Skretting's "Mein Vater, das Kondom und andere nicht ganz dichte Sachen" and Andreas Hüging's "Let's disco! Die schwer verrückte Geschichte von Valentin Plau" creatively in the...

GRAJAM Finale at the KUGA Großwarasdorf

And the winner is … frist and second place for our girlies!

At the finale of the Singing Competition of the Burgenland Croats at the KUGA in Großwarasdorf on April 13 Sina Theresia Radits (2H) convinced the jury with her wonderful voice and her performance of „Marica, rožica“ and „Sunce, oblak, kiša“ (Mia) and so came first. Lena and Hanna Wagner (4H) sang „Rumeno cvatu rože“ in an A capella version and „Kiša“ (Mia) and are proud of their secon...

ZBGO - Burgenland champion

Uniqa Handball Schulcup

Every year we take part in the Burgenland Championship in Handball. The boys played 8 teams and won all matches. The National Championship will take place in Salzburg (May 2-4). We keep our fingers crossed! We are also very proud of the girls who took the 3rd place in the Mini-Handballcup.

Musical "Verzaubert" (Enchanted) in Güssing

An exciting journey through wonderland for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders

The students of the first to the third grade joined Anna and Max on their trip through various famous musicals. Kathrin und Miriam Trinkl were part of the performance which made the visit of the show in Güssing even more special to us.